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Tailor-Made (Sepalcure Remix) - Daedelus

We’re happy to bring you a very nice remix from the boys of Sepalcure, whom we must salute once again for their consistently faultless production. Soothing synths, hypnotic builds, and understated vocals make for very easy listening on this summer-esque remix. The track has been tagged as “Romantic” on Daedulus' Soundcloud— a description with which I fully agree. It's always nice to see up-and-comers like Sepalcure successfully rework the production of established artists like Daedelus, and I'm very much hoping this will not be the last collaboration between the two. Enjoy the music below, and I encourage you to follow Sepalcure on Facebook while you’re at it. 

Tailor-Made featuring Milosh (Sepalcure Remix) by Daedelus