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xxyyxx - remix + EP

For a rough mix, “Overdone” is sounding pretty great to us. xxyyxx— aka 16 year-old Marcel Everett— again demonstrates his proficiency in conjuring deep, soulful vibes, while Anneka’s vocals remain as enchanting as ever. “Overdone” may be rough around the edges, but its barren aesthetics carve out a mesmerizing soundscape. Take it in below. 

On February 28, xxyyxx released a split EP with RuddyP, which is available for free download right here. Lots of chillwave and r&b-inspired warmth on this release, featuring two originals from xxyyxx. My highlight is “Luv U Gurl”, which begins as a slow and subdued number before morphing into a synthy dancefloor gem, with a sample of Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex” holding things down. RuddyP deserves some recognition for his fine work as well. I highly recommend this EP. Please download and enjoy it below.