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Polkadot - Don’t Pigeonhole Anything

If you’ve yet to listen to Polkadot— aka 17 year-old Sam Bevan of Wolverhampton, England— this should change immediately. Polkadot is the latest Soundcloud producer to truly catch me off guard. His polished, sophisticated take on garage and the UK bass realm is so much more than I expected. The aptly titled Don’t Pigeonhole Anything EP is a resounding hit, and you’re a fool if you fail to take advantage of this free download. Hit play on “Close To Me” (debuted by the always on-point Life Crushed) to see what I mean. Not convinced? A quick visit to Polkadot’s Facebook reveals a correspondence with none other than Annie Nightingale of BBC Radio 1. We suspect a record deal and some serious airplay in very near future. What are you waiting for? Download the EP. Follow Polkadot on Facebook for more goodness.