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Benny Loco - Rise

benny loco rise

We can’t help but admire Benny Loco’s unique fusion of downtempo and hip-hop influences— his latest album Rise only reinforces such notions. Ian Guthrie— the American grad student behind the alias— tactfully juxtaposes organic and intergalactic noises amidst the album’s 12 tracks of engaging bass progressions and refreshingly eclectic percussion arrangements. Ian’s versatility is undeniably evident throughout Rise, which encompasses an alluring spectrum of spacey and tropical beats alike. Though personal favorites include ”Mesa Mesa”, “Light(s)”, and downtempo stunners “Once” and “Twice”, we highly recommend you check out the entire album. 

Bottom line, Rise is incredibly impressive, so hit play below and head over to Bandcamp for the purchase. As always, find Benny Loco on Facebook for additional updates and sounds. Congrats on the great release, Ian.