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TSE 2012 Highlights: New Artists


We encountered plenty of fantastic music in 2012. Amongst our yearend gems, a handful of new artists particularly won our affection. Accordingly, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite new producers after the jump. Take a peak at our selections, and be sure to keep these fresh artists on your radar come 2013.

Special thanks to each artist for the amazing tunes. We sincerely appreciate what you do.

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You’re Right - Polkadot

polkadot sam bevan

By now we sincerely hope you’re familiar with Polkadot, the teenage house/bass/etc. sensation from Wolverhampton, UK. He’s been producing some phenomenal music as of late, so by all means, get familiar. He recently offered listeners a taste of his forthcoming It’ll Happen EP in the form of “You’re Right”, a relaxed house tune with a garage-infused foundation. How about that lovely layer of riffs beginning around the :45 mark? His attention to detail remains noteworthy throughout the track, and especially in the realm of vocal sample placement. Take in “You’re Right” below, and follow Polkadot on Facebook for the latest.

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The Party & The After Party

erik kirtley the soul electronicerik kirtley the soul electronic

The Soul Electronic and Indie R&B present The Party & The After Party, a double compilation featuring exclusive material from 21 of our favorite up-and-coming producers. From house and garage to R&B and ambient, The Party & The After Party invites listeners on an aural journey to a soulful destination. The danceable, upbeat atmosphere of The Party will fulfill your desire to move, while The After Party offers a deeper listening experience intent on freeing the mind and sending your thoughts adrift…

Embrace the night. Immerse yourself in The Party & The After Party.

Follow the jump to download and stream the compilation.

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Eternity - Polkadot

Polkadot has just uploaded a new song to Soundcloud entitled “Eternity”— a melodic tune featuring his signature blend of house and garage influences. Contrary to his previous hiatus announcement, it appears 17 year-old Sam Bevan is back to the production grind. Given his penchant for swelling, high-energy dancefloor gems, we could not be more pleased. You can now download the Brit’s latest track for free below. It’s only a matter of time before he’ll be releasing material on real labels with real distribution plans and real prices… You get the idea.  Take advantage of this worthwhile track below, and follow Polkadot on Facebook for more.

Miss You - Polkadot

We’re very sad to hear that rising star house producer Polkadot— or 17 year-old Sam Bevan of Wolverhampton— will be taking a hiatus from writing music. We became aware of this news last week, after he posted a Facebook status exclaiming the following: 

"Due to personal circumstances, I will not be producing or writing music for the foreseeable future… At this stage I cannot continue with any of my productions. Thank you everyone who has supported me over the past year and a half.”

With this in mind, he’s uploaded a goodbye track of sorts to Soundcloud before bowing out. With its resonant melodies, huge bassline (2:50), and a very desirable vocal sample, “Miss You” is the perfect reminder of Polkadot’s talents. The whimsical track will receive much play on our front, and you’ll likely feel the same after rinsing it below. Lets hope Polkdot’s hiatus is merely the end of a chapter, not career— as he’s frankly much too talented to jump ship entirely. We wish him the best regardless, and recommend you keep up with Sam on Facebook and Tumblr for more updates. Please enjoy the wonderful “Miss You” below.

Polkadot - Don’t Pigeonhole Anything

If you’ve yet to listen to Polkadot— aka 17 year-old Sam Bevan of Wolverhampton, England— this should change immediately. Polkadot is the latest Soundcloud producer to truly catch me off guard. His polished, sophisticated take on garage and the UK bass realm is so much more than I expected. The aptly titled Don’t Pigeonhole Anything EP is a resounding hit, and you’re a fool if you fail to take advantage of this free download. Hit play on “Close To Me” (debuted by the always on-point Life Crushed) to see what I mean. Not convinced? A quick visit to Polkadot’s Facebook reveals a correspondence with none other than Annie Nightingale of BBC Radio 1. We suspect a record deal and some serious airplay in very near future. What are you waiting for? Download the EP. Follow Polkadot on Facebook for more goodness.